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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  September 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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getting trained to handle a parent's worst nightmare. (( las vegas is one of those cities where parental abductions, custody issues are a concern )) ((denise valdez)) >> but it's not the only way the fbi is working to quickly find valley kids... if they go missing.///
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project neon---meant to ease traffic but it's likely going to cause some headaches on the road before things get better. ((mauricio marin)) >> the ramp bridge that goes over symphony park avenue is about 20 years old and needs to be torn down to widen interstate 15. heavy equipment is already on site for crews who will have 36 hours to shift two lanes eastbound. from there---even more work continues with the bridge scheduled to be demolished next weekend...which means drivers will have to find other ways to get onto 15-south from the 95 south for new bridge is completed. n-dot officials tell us crews will be working around the clock to get the job done this weekend. (( tony illia/ndot: "we are confident we have been planning and preparing for it and we're ready to do it. we find this creates the least amount of public impact while still getting the job done and making the necessary improvements.")) ((mauricio marin))
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n-dot suggests alternate routes like getting off on valley view, rancho or even m-l-k from the 95 then taking side streets to the 15. ((mauricio marin)) >> the ramp is scheduled to re-open sunday at ten in the morning. even when cars are allowed back on the ramp's going to have a new traffic pattern---so watch out for the unexpected. reporting live...mauricio marin. 8 news now./// ((denise valdez)) so mauricio mentioned a few ways to avoid this closure. stick to the freeway. well the detour is going to take you out of the way. ((denise valdez)) you won't be able to access the ramp from 95 south to the 15 south. instead... you'll be rerouted to the i-15 north. from there... you'll have to get off at d-street... that's the first exit north of the spaghetti bowl. turn left on d-street... then left again to get back onto the i-15 south. if you choose to go this way.. expect to spend sit in traffic.///
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annoyed with this construction. thomas says... "didn't they just work on the bowl! as soon as they finish, they start over again." stephanie agrees... "aren't we done with construction zones yet? this is getting ridiculous." but myra wants to share some tips with drivers... "give yourself two hours to get through that and expect an accident because there will be some. slow down and do not follow too close."/// ((dave courvosier)) 32-thousand rooftoop solar tonight after a unanimous decision earlier today from the public utilities commission. they approved a proposal to grandfather net metering customers into agreed-upon energy rates. there is one caveat though... sharie johnson is live with details: ((sharie johnson)) >> this plan is approved for 20 years. after that all net metering customers, like this homeowner, go back to selling extra energy at the market rate.
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solar customer: i think it's a start, it's a very crucial start)) ((sharie johnson)) rooftop solar customer tom dudas is content over the puc's decision to grandfather him in so he can sell extra energy to nv energy at the retail rate of 10.6 cents per kilowatt hour. but this decision protects more than his powerbill, but his $32-thousand dollar solar investment. ((tom dudas, rooftop solar customer it's not that i just put solar panels on, i changed out the windows, the installation and transfer of heat is not there, added installation, duct work sealing new tile roof that is rated for solar insulation )) ((sharie johnson)) but not all 32-thousand rooftop solar panel customers are happy. marlene adrian is worried about what happens after the grandfather policy expires.. ((marlene adrian, rooftop solar customer that will stop at 20 years and at 20 years that's when people need it most because they're older, they don't have
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worth as much as they we're 10 years ago )) ((sharie johnson)) after 20 years, all nevada rooftop solar customers, will get the market rate for excess energy... roughly 2 cents. ((marlene adrian, rooftop solar customer if it all stopped and we now have all our electric bills raised, at 20 years from now, then we're really in a mess because it's going to cost too much )) >> >> the "bring back solar" campaign applauded the p-u-c today. their statement read in part, this is a tremendous victory not only for the solar customers whose investments will be protected, but also for the tens of thousands of nevada solar supporters... ... who have advocated tirelessly for solar since last year's rate hike. and just to be clear-- this only applies to people who installed a rooftop solar system or had a valid application pending by december 31, 2015. dave? ((dave courvosier)) >> so what about the people not grandfathered in? or someone who decides to go
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for the next 12 years they will get something when they sell extra energy back to nv energy. but rates will fall every four years. so right now... they get about 9 cents per kilowatt hour... but that'll continue to go down. ((dave courvoisier)) a 19-year-old driver is behind bars for being under the influence of drugs when crashing into an metro officer. we're told the officer was on his motorcycle near durango and when david williams rear-ended him. the officer was thrown from the bike... and has injuries to his neck.. leg.. and back.. but is expected to be okay. ((denise valdez)) the environmental protection agency has given the all clear at a las vegas home contaminated with some of the same mercury found at johnson junior high school. this, as school distrcit police wrap up their investigation into who brought the mercury on campus. paul joncich is here with the latest. paul, the big question is: has
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it's interesting. no. according to the epa and the police, not a single person became ill from roughly a quarter cup of mercury that was brought onto campus. even though it was believed that more than 80 students may have tracked through the mercury at school could have brought some it home on their shoes. that's why the epa went out and took readings at more than 80 of the students homes. they found significant levels of mercury at just one home.... this one, about a half mile from campus. an epa official tells me they removed c then deemed it safe to occupy and gave the all clear on wednesday. today there's no sign of the epa's presence at the home - you wouldn't even know they'd been there. all of this following a mercury scare at johnson junior high a week ago wednesday. more than a thousand students and staff had to be cleared. it took until the wee hours of the morning. ((paul joncich)) as of this afternoon, an epa official tells me their work is done here. i spoke with capt ken young with ccsd police. he indicated they are wrapping up their
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that's when we'll learn how the mercury got on campus - and who was responsible./// ((dave courvoisier)) >> we're getting a rare look inside the world of the fbi. agents partnered with local law enforcement to conduct a training on child abduction investigations. 8 news now reporter karen castro was there for the field exercise... karen. ((karen castro)) this is the first time the fbi is doing this te the new special agent for the las vegas division says... while kidnappings in nevada are rare, he wants all law enforcement to be prepared for the worst. ((karen castro)) this is maquelle. she is missing and the f-b-i is looking for her. ((fbi detective: when was the last time that you talked to her? josh: um, i talked to her last night before we went to bed.)) ((karen castro)) this mock interview is all part of a multi-agency training on a child abduction response exercise lead by the federal
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interviewing everyone closest to the missing child. in this case, they are talking to her boyfriend. ((fbi detective: what was her mood when you were talking to her last night. josh: she seemed a little anxious.)) ((karen castro)) investigators from 17 law enforcement departments from across nevada are being put to the test. a mobile command post has been set up near the victim's home, where she was last seen. just like in a real-life emergency, the first few hours of a criminal investigation are crucial. ((hey, how did the off-line searches come?)) ((karen castro)) while some investigators foot, others are following leads from inside the command post. all information is written on a white board. ((fbi detective: we got three minutes, we're gonna snap fotos of everything in here. so we have that for our debrief to pull from.)) ((karen castro)) the outcome of the exercise will depend on how well the different law enforcement agencies work together. ((aaron rouse - special agent, fbi las vegas: what we're looking to do is to make sure that our partnerships with state and local officials throughout nevada are solid, that we understand what needs to occur and how fast it needs to occur.))
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in the past, similar exercises were conducted individually by each department. he believes it's important to unify as one if and when a child goes missing. ((aaron rouse - special agent, fbi las vegas: no one wants to see a child go unrecovered.)) ((karen castro)) although we got a look at the training, we weren't allowed to see the technology the fbi uses during kidnapping investigations. all of that is kept confidential. ((dave courvoisier)) karen, when a child goes missing... you need as many eyes and ears the f-b-i turns to the media right? ((karen castro)) in many cases, they use us, the media, to put out information. i'm told when it comes to a missing child, the fbi tries to send out an amber alert as soon as possible. ((denise valdez)) a formal campaign against legalizing recreational marijuana in nevada has launched online. the group is called "protecting nevada's children"... and is making it's first push against question 2... which we'll see on the november ballot. some of the reasons listed on it's website... according to the group...
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((denise valdez)) 8 news now is your local election headquarters. you can find all things politics both on air and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((dave courvoisier)) the weather has really cooperated lately. no more wind... no rain... the weekend is supposed to be warm and sunny. katie is in for tedd tonight.. spending some time outdoors. she assigned herself the difficult job of working the greek food festival. ((katie boer)) good evening -- a really nice
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across southern nevada with clear sunny skies and nice warm, below average temperatures across the region. ................. let's take a look at your evening planner for tonight. by 7pm 88, by 9pm 83, low 80s for 11pm and looking ahead to saturday morning low 70s by 8am tomorrow. ................. ((denise valdez)) coming up next -- getting saturday morning low 70s by 8am
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................. ((denise valdez))
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michelle mortensen is on your side... with an explanation of how the state was legally able to ask for more money.. than what one homeowner agreed to.///
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priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. woman: here in nevada, those were the worst days of our lives, and congressman heck called it "a blip." narrator: in 2008, joe heck called nevada's housing crisis "a blip on the radar." that's just how out of touch joe heck is. narrator: after heck sponsored a bill giving tax breaks to big banks, he took over $500,000 from wall street-- including banks who caused the housing crisis.
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and families like mine get left behind. narrator: afscme people is responsible
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because she gets results. and today she's tackling property tax increas. ((michelle mortensen)) if you own a home ... property taxes are part of the deal. but getting answers to your questions about your property taxes can be hard to come by. that's something phyllis knowsn all too well. she told me her property tax went up 20% after being annexed by the city. she wanted to know why she wasn't protected under the state cap of point 2 percent. and when she couldn't get an answer she turned to me. i did some digging and learned phyllis's home was annexed in
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and the city rate is much higher than the county's. 3.2 to 2.7. her property value also went up. that caused the 20% difference. and get this ... in the first year of being annexed... the cap doesn't apply. unfornately that meant nothing could legally be done for phyllis. but there is a lesson for all of us. in the future .. if your property is up for annexation ... be sure to look up the city tax rate on the asseccors website. t -- what it will mean for your property taxes ... and you can try to fight it. unfortunately .. when this annexation came up last year ... there was no protest of it .. and no testimony recoded from home owners... according to public records. there's no way to know if fighting it would have helped ... but it's always best to be informed... so you can fight!! and now you know. i'm michelle mortensen ((denise valdez)) we're going to start to feel a warm up in our forecast. ((dave courvoisier)) >> fortunately we shouldn't see any excessive heat.
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she joins us now from the greek food festival. ((katie boer)) good evening -- a really nice
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across southern nevada with clear sunny skies and nice warm, below average temperatures across the region. ................. let's take a look at your evening planner for tonight.
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looking ahead to saturday morning low 70s by 8am tomorrow. ................. looking at current conditions today -- we're below seasonal average with highs in the upper 80s -- some low 90s in our warmer neighborhoods. ................. weather headlines: look for temps. climbing into the weekend. near 100s by sunday. a little bit more activity is possible for next week however. slight chance of thunderstorms starting monday night into wednesday. ............... tonight and tomorrow-- should remain pretty comfortable. look or lows in the upper 60s with mid 90s in srfor yourturda. ......... day: look for mid 90s morrow, but temps.climb into th sund ok fr eragithe upper 90s. r next weekd s.with a slight chance of storms riving late monday night through possibly dneay. esday d. dnesday right od 90 degrees.> d americans love italian food. ((dave courvoisier)) >> olive garden releases another round of "all you can eat" passes... but how long did it take to sell 21-thousand? the valley's news leader will be right back.///
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don't believe... don't believe... don't believe joe heck's attacks. catherine cortez masto has always served with integrity. as a federal prosecutor and attorney general... she made sex trafficking a felony crime. she worked with the bush and obama administrations to combat terrorism. as attorney general, she helped reduce crime. that's why she's endorsed by law enforcement across nevada. catherine cortez masto. catherine cortez masto i trust her to keep us safe. i'm catherine cortez masto,
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olive garden continues to prove how much folks love italian cuisine. ((dave courvoisier)) >> or maybe they just love free food. the restaurant chain brought back it's "never ending pasta pass" thursday morning... and literally sold out in about a minute. close to 21-thousand were available this year... compared to 2-thousand last year. ((denise valdez)) they cost about 100-bucks... and get you unlimited amounts of select pastas, salads and soups for a whole month. you probably missed out... but there's a good news... ebay. at last check... the bids range from 500 to 800 bucks. that money will go to charity./// ((denise valdez)) thanks for watching 8 news now at five. the valley's news leader. ((dave courvoisier)) the cbs evening news is next. we'll see you at six. /// ((denise valdez)) a fun filled day -- with a
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? ? ? captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: trump tries to shake the birther issue. >> president barack obama was born in united states. period. >> pelley: but sets off an explosion of anger. >> donald trump is nothing more than a two-bit racial arsonist who for decaha but fan the flames of bigotry and hatred. >> pelley: also tonight, the f.b.-eye-patch. why director comey puts tape over his webcam, and says you should, too. tattoo dangers-- what is that needle injecting into your skin? >> we really don't know what's in these inks. >> pelley: and steve hartman,


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